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Today we thought back to the time when this idea popped to my mind the first time. I can remember it just like yesterday: Lasse and me were standing on top of a hill somewhere in Belgium, looking down on 180.000 people raving to David Guetta during Tomorrowland Festival 2017.

We just have been dancing for 6 hours straight, it was close to 6pm and all we wanted was to sit down for a little bit, just enjoying the scenery. The problem was, it had been raining the day before and the gras was wet. We looked around and saw people trying to sit on their bags, jackets, shopping bags, even simple cartons.

It was that moment when I said to Lasse: “Nowadays we have everything for anything, but there is still nothing cool we can bring to a festival, that keeps my ass clean when I sit down?” I thought of a fast inflatable seat, that I could bring within my Festival Nylon Bag.

Back home, I started to research inflatable seats, designs, but nothing really convinced me. So I started to design my own seat and because I’ve alway liked the Panda – I mean, a Panda just looks amazingly comfy – the PandaNap Design was born.

Luckily, all the other team members didn’t think I was completely of my mind and so the journey began.

Andy helped my to find the perfect 3D design, our partner company in Shengzhen converted this into the first prototypes, we then tested and final-crafted in Germany.

In January, the product was finally ready and Lasse began to built the online shop. But we didn’t want to just launch just another product, we wanted to ask the community first, if they would actually like our idea, so we decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign in February.

So back us if you like the PandaNap as much as we do! If you love napping in just every occasion and most importantly: To keep your ass clean and dry. 🙂

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