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We wanted to create the most comfortable seat you ever sat in, that is also super light, so you can carry it around in a small bag, wherever you go. The beach, pool, festival, office, home or just anywhere you want!

At first, it was a challenge, because it also needed to be out of high-quality enduring PVC and everyone should be able to afford it. So when we started to design the PandaNap in August 2017, we tried a lot of chairs to find the perfect shape. Funny enough, the first designs looked somehow like a sitting Panda. So we looked at different pictures of Pandas, videos of how they behaved and came to the conclusion, that those lovely animals, with their whole fluffiness, are the perfect match to our seat. Let’s be honest: Who doesn’t want to cuddle with a Panda?

So after the unicorn in 2016 and the flamingo in 2017 – we thought everyone loves Panda’s, we love Panda’s, it was an easy choice: Pandanap 2018.

In December 2017, we finally had our first prototype ready and tested it in Berlin. It was a total success. The PandaNap floated on the water and endured every stresstest we could think of. The PandaNap has the perfect size of 130x90x90cm and even has two drink holders in his arms, so you can fully enjoy a cold beer or drink while floating through the summer.

The PandaNap will officially launch in April 2018, in February 2018 we hope for the support of loads of backers during a Kickstarter campaign. So if you want to get your PandaNap first, pre-order it on our website or on Kickstarter.

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