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“I’ve always wanted a Panda in my life. They are so cute, fluffy and you just want them to hug you 24/7”. Well, the PandaNap might not be real Panda, but it still such a great feeling, to just lay in them for hours, read, float in the water or bring them to the beach.

Whenever I go out and bring the PandaNap with me, people just come over, want to sit in it, take pictures and especially kids can’t get enough. It is like having a hot BFF on your side and you can just connect with people around you.

Last week, I went to a Festival in Cape Town with it. I put the PandaNap in my small Nylon Bag – the Panda is so light, it’s amazing – and took him with me. After 2-3 hours of dancing, I just wanted to relax a little. I took the PandaNap out, 5 minutes later, I was laying in it, watching the people around me in a prime position. 10 minutes later, around 50 people just sat next to me, we started talking and the event got even better.

The PandaNap is truly my favourite BFF from now on! :)”

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