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It's all about floating and chillin' like a panda

Summer Product 2018

Check out our little video. Let us know what do you think and comment below!

PandaNap – My New BFF

“I’ve always wanted a Panda in my life. They are so cute, fluffy and you just want them to hug you 24/7”. Well, the PandaNap might not be real Panda, but it still such a great feeling, to just lay in them for hours, read, float in the water or bring them to the beach....

PandaNap Photoshoot Cape Town

We found the most beautiful spot in the world in February: Cape Town! With its beautiful beaches, amazing houses, people and environment, the city was just made for our first official PandaNap Shoot. Our team members Patrycia as our photographer and Ana Kuni as our...

Flamingo, Unicorn, PandaNap

We wanted to create the most comfortable seat you ever sat in, that is also super light, so you can carry it around in a small bag, wherever you go. The beach, pool, festival, office, home or just anywhere you want! At first, it was a challenge, because it also needed...

The Idea was born at Tomorrowland Festival 2017

Today we thought back to the time when this idea popped to my mind the first time. I can remember it just like yesterday: Lasse and me were standing on top of a hill somewhere in Belgium, looking down on 180.000 people raving to David Guetta during Tomorrowland...

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